Current Projects

Sponsor a Child

Underprivileged Children with higher IQ levels are supported with quality education and health insurance scheme. Volunteers may get a chance to mentor a sponsored child – assisting overall development of the child.

Rs. 500 per month (Rs 6,000 per child per year)

Tuition Centres
Slum children are provided with supplementary coaching, which is essential to excel in formal schooling. Evening daily sessions help children in improving their academic performance and enhance their soft skills.

Rs. 1,000 per month (Rs 12,000 per center benefitting 25 kids per year)

Nele – home for street children
Nele – literally meaning the shelter – is a home for destitute children. It transforms the lives of the failed street children and orphan kids to cultured citizens of the society.

Rs. 1,500 per month (Rs 18,000 per child per year – Sponsoring shelter, food, clothing and education)
Rs. 2,500 expense of a day at Nele

Sponsor a Cow
Support towards Cow breeding and cow preservation, helping environmental friendly farming and self sustainable home based dairy. This project provides an opportunity for any one – not necessarily an agriculturist – to promote Indian rural economy.

Rs. 500 per month (Rs 6,000 per cow per year)

Holistic Patient Care
Various systems of medicines – Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yoga and others – treat patient in a different way. In general, there is no harmony among these systems and often the patient is confused and mislead. This project strives in a systematic way, to evolve a holistic system of treating a patient. Research outcomes of the project could provide a paradigm shift to the present system of patient care and gives a solace to crores of suffering patients.

You can support with any amount. The project cost estimate for the first year is Rs. 15,00,000.

(Note : All donations are exempted from Tax under section 80 G of Income Tax Act, 1961)